About me...

Tess is a Brighton based artist, portrait and lifestyle photographer, lives close to the South Downs and shares her home with her husband and two children.

For the last 20 years, her freelance career has ranged from providing headshots for actors, comedians, students, business owners, and managing directors, from fashion, interiors, couples on their wedding day to brand imagery. More recently she has worked with schools and colleges to create fresh, bright images of pupils and students for promotion and web content.

She developed a passion for naturalistic and personal photography and since becoming a mother in 2010, realised the importance of capturing and honouring the fleeting moments of childhood, which seem to pass with a blink of an eye. This led her to photograph intimate family moments and also specialise in pregnancy, family and newborn photography.

Tess has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, where she specialised in sculpture and installation and completed a Masters in Photography at Brighton University. In 2007 she began teaching photography and art and design and has a real passion to share her knowledge and techniques, helping students thrive creatively. Tess continues to do so along side her freelance work and personal art practice.

Tess Says:
My work starts with you. My love for connecting with people accompanied by my professional, creative and personable approach means I can successfully adapt my skills for your needs. I believe good photography is crucial and the most effective immediate way to inform and engage your audience or to create memories to keep forever.

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Art & Prints

My work focuses on my interests in the rites of passage, memory, nostalgia, mythologies and nature. More recently I have taken inspiration from the global events of 2020, particularly the impact of the pandemic and climate change. This has resulted in a sharpened connection to our surroundings and given many of us a newfound appreciation for slowness and nature.

My image making aims to explore organic matter via blur and abstraction, almost emulating the aesthetic of a painting. Trial and error is an important part of this process, whether concentrating on natural chemical free processes such as an anthotype or chlorophyll printing or working digitally photographically using current design apps such as procreate. This is a journey I feel I will be on for a while as there are many processes I want to experiment with. I like to play with focus, layering and manipulating, to challenge and confuse the eye of the viewer and produce imagery that may not be considered photographic but more pictorial.

It also feels important now more than ever to push boundaries and explore more sustainable traditional methods of photography and alternative photographic approaches.

‘We think of photographs as fact, but they can also be fiction, metaphor or poetry. They are of the here and now, but they can be downright utilitarian or they can be the stuff of dreams.’ – Gerry Badger, art critic

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Wow! Huge thanks to you Tess for capturing so many magic moments of my son. These are beautifully natural and fun shots that truly reflect his personality, conveying this moment of time perfectly. I can highly recommend Tess over and over knowing that anyone will be as thrilled as I am!

In all my years in the entertainment industry, Tess was by far the best photographer I have worked with. She’s brilliant at bringing out my personality and getting the best from me and her photos have always been nothing short of excellent. She brings fun to a shoot and knows exactly what she’s after from her subject. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.

Not only did Tess create and capture the most wonderful photos of me, she made me feel relaxed, happy and confident. She is a joy to work with and have beautiful photographs, which I am able to use for years to come.