Organic Scapes

My image making aims to explore organic matter via blur and abstraction, almost emulating the aesthetic of a painting. Trial and error is an important part of this process, whether concentrating on natural chemical free processes such as an anthotype or chlorophyll printing or working digitally photographically using current design apps such as procreate. This is a journey I feel I will be on for a while as there are many processes I want to experiment with. I like to play with focus, layering and manipulating, to challenge and confuse the eye of the viewer and produce imagery that may not be considered photographic but more pictorial.

It also feels important now more than ever to push boundaries and explore more sustainable traditional methods of photography and alternative photographic approaches.

‘We think of photographs as fact, but they can also be fiction, metaphor or poetry. They are of the here and now, but they can be downright utilitarian or they can be the stuff of dreams.’ – Gerry Badger, art critic