Cyanotypes, Constellations and Chance collages

Original Artwork sales

This portfolio explores the eco friendly alternative photographic process, the Cyanotype, first announced in 1842. Some pieces have been created with organic matter, some with photographic transparencies and some with collage techniques. Not wanting to waste some unsuccessful cyanotypes, the process of cutting them up into little circles, followed by throwing them onto paper and seeing if the landing worked compositionally, was inspired by the chance collage creations of Dadaist Jean Arp (1886-1966) and his Collage with squares according to the Laws of Chance c.1917. This approach to cyanotype circular collage at times has become more considered in placement and tone drawing influence from abstracting the female form.

Other collage pieces make use of some old x rays, considering how nature is such fuel for the soul, a peaceful remedy that helps release stress in this fast paced crazy world. Playing with connecting some cyanotypes of trees against the human skeletal structure, the spine that holds us up, that benefits from nature to stay strong…

Photographic Limited editions of original Cyanotype print and digital collages are also available on Hahnemuhle rag or bamboo eco friendly textured fine art paper. Framing with UV light protective art glass options are also available, pricing on request.

All prints are limited edition originals out of 30.

Size 29.7cm x 21cm / A4         £45
Size 29.7cm x 42cm /A3          £95
Size 59.4cm x 42cm / A2         £155
Size 59.4cm x 84.1cm /A1       £195

Cyanotype original prints and collage artwork start from £85 depending on the size.

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